Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and the protection of privacy

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy following the Personal Data Act (523/99) 10 §

1. Controller

Injeq Oy (Ltd.)

2. Contact person responsible for the data file


3. Name of data file

Registry of people and customers interested in Injeq Oy (Ltd.)’s content and services.

4. Legal basis and purpose of the processing of personal data

Personal data will be processed in accordance with applicable laws for the purpose of establishing and managing customer relationships and marketing. The customer has the right to leave the registry by contacting

5. Contents of the data file

The information in the registry depends on the customer’s interests and commercial decisions. This information may include, for example:
– Name
– Title
– Company
– Postal address
– E-mail
– Telephone number
– Order information
– Customer-provided customer relationship management and/or marketing information

6. Regular data sources

One can be added to the registry by contacting Injeq Oy (Ltd.) through the website’s contact form. The customer will disclose their contact information and at the same time agree to receive direct marketing from Injeq Oy (Ltd.) until he/she chooses to leave the registry.

7. Regular disclosures and transfers of data

Injeq Oy (Ltd.) uses the information only for communication between Injeq Oy (Ltd.) and the originator of the information.

8. Principles for the protection of the data file

The registry data and files are protected by the standard technical security measures that are commonly used in business. Access to the registry requires a personal username and password, which is granted only to the registry staff, whose position and duties are associated with that access.

Registry administrator:

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Protection of privacy

1. Purpose of the personal data protection

This privacy policy is compiled for the people who want to know what personal data about them is being gathered and how this information is used by Injeq Oy (Ltd.). In its marketing, Injeq Oy (Ltd.) follows the Personal Data Act and Information Society Code, which are enforced and guided by the Data Protection Supervisor, as well as the laws passed on the use of cookies, which are enforced by Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. Read this privacy policy with care so you know about what data is gathered, how is it used and what rights you have concerning the data collecting.

2. Gathered data

Injeq Oy (Ltd.)’s site uses cookies. Read more about cookies.
We collect anonymous / not personalized data using the following tools:
• Google Analytics, Leadfeeder

You may use our web site with hidden incognito mode, if you want. By using the contact forms on our site, you can submit your information with confidentiality. We use the information given there to contact you by mail, e-mail or by phone.

3. Time frame of data collected

Anonymous cookie data is collected each time when visiting our www site.

4. Utilization of the collected data

Cookies are utilized in cases such as developing the user experience of our site and developing our online marketing.

5. Protection of the collected data

Your personal data is kept safe at the hands of our technology partners and there is no access to it by third parties.

6. Third parties

Injeq Oy (Ltd.) does not hand out or sell the collected data. All the actions concerning personal data follow the Personal Data Act and the good practice guidelines set by the Data Protection Supervisor. The anonymous user data is utilized in the online marketing of Injeq Oy (Ltd.).

7. Links to external sites

Injeq Oy (Ltd.) may recommend products or services by third parties to its customers. All possible has been done to ensure the correctness of the information. Injeq Oy (Ltd.) is not responsible about content outside its own web site.

8. Changing your data

You may ask your data to be viewed and change it by contacting us.

9. Contact information

Managing director

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