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Incidence of traumatic lumbar punctures in neonates and infants

The part two of the trilogy has now been published. This article of the three part series examines the incidence […]
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Injeq whipaper on lumbar puncture

Our whitepaper takes a closer look at the lumbar puncture, the IQ-Tip® system’s first indication, and presents the results that […]
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Bioimpedance spinal needle provides high success and low complication rate in lumbar punctures of pediatric patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

The great results of our latest clinical investigation have now been published as an open access article in Scientific Reports, […]
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Traumatic lumbar punctures in diagnostic and intrathecal treatment punctures of pediatric hemato-oncology patients

Extensive study of CSF laboratory analysis records by pediatricians and Injeq’s researchers has been published as an open access article […]
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Human in vivo liver and tumor bioimpedance measured with biopsy needle

Congratulations to our research engineer Sanna for a new publication! Sanna Halonen, Ali Ovissi, Sonja Boyd, Juho Kari, Kai Kronström, […]
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Real-time detection of cerebrospinal fluid with bioimpedance needle in pediatric lumbar puncture

Harri Sievänen, Juho Kari, Sanna Halonen, Timo Elomaa, Outi Tammela, Hanna Soukka, Vesa Eskola. Real-time detection of cerebrospinal fluid with […]
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