Product Manager

We are looking for a Product manager to join our development team.

As a product manager you will be an essential part of our medical product and technology development team, working closely together with sales, marketing, production, research and quality functions.

Your work will consist of:

  • Supporting sales and marketing, adapting our offering to local regulations
  • Analyzing user and customer needs, standards, regulation
  • Specifying requirements for product development
  • Planning product development tasks and priorities
  • Working with technical experts at Injeq and suppliers
  • Testing ideas, prototypes, products
  • Documenting your contributions in conformance with Injeq quality management system
  • Continuous learning on technologies, industry trends and customer needs

What do we expect from you?
You take initiative and strive to complete your tasks and you are comfortable working with the team. You are likely to have a degree in engineering, business degree is OK if you have technical attitude and are used to work with engineering. Product management or product development experience in regulated industry like medical devices or pharma is desirable. You should have a basic idea how medical device production operates.

The work requires learning new things every day. We expect you to have interest to work in this field. You have an analytical way of thinking which will help you in the problem solving in your daily work. You have patience to concentrate in details and you also have the ability to see the big picture. You can manage parallel tasks and you can adapt into changing situations.

You can communicate and co-operate with people coming from different backgrounds. Fluent Finnish and English are required to succeed in this job. We work as a team which requires flexibility and initiative.

We also appreciate following skills:

  • Understanding of relevant standards and regulation, e.g. ISO 13485, MDR, ISO 14791
  • Knowledge or experience of healthcare related topics

What do we offer?

  • An opportunity to develop innovative healthcare solutions
  • An opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary environment.
  • Support for your personal professional development by working in challenging and versatile environment

Interested? Please send your CV and application to