Injeq IQ-Tip Analyzer’s pioneering detection technology provides real-time information during lumbar puncture and gives an alert when the needle tip reaches cerebrospinal fluid. Stay up-to-date
Take the
advantage of knowing when the needle tip reaches the subarachnoid space and proceed safely with the procedure.

Traumatic lumbar puncture i.e., bleeding into the spinal canal during a lumbar puncture may worsen the prognosis of a leukemia patient as the cancer cells from blood may enter the central nervous system (1). Together with medical professionals Injeq is aiming to avoid this pitfall in demanding pediatric lumbar punctures. According to our yet unpublished clinical investigation, the use of IQ-Tip system is associated with an almost halved incidence of traumatic punctures and fewer blood-tinged CSF samples.

(1). Shaikh et al. The risk of traumatic lumbar punctures in children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. European Journal of Cancer (2014) 50, 1482–1489.

Video: IQ-Tip® system for Lumbar Punctures

Animation: IQ-Tip® system animation

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Abstract: High first puncture success rate attained with a novel bioimpedance spinal needle in pediatric hemato-oncologic lumbar punctures

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