Injeq IQ-Tip Analyzer’s pioneering detection technology provides real-time information during lumbar puncture and gives an alert when the needle tip reaches cerebrospinal fluid. Stay up-to-date
Take the
advantage of knowing when the needle tip reaches the subarachnoid space and proceed safely with the procedure.

When you have a patient with suspected neonatal meningitis, it is imperative to get a quick CSF sample for diagnosis. Although lumbar puncture is basically an established and simple procedure, performing it to a neonate while under pressure can be challenging. Yet, the puncture must be performed for the sake of the little patient because undiagnosed meningitis is always a life-threatening condition.

To perform optimally while making a lumbar puncture, let Injeq IQ-Tip® system help you. Smart Injeq IQ-Tip® system tells you with an audio-visual alarm when the needle tip reaches cerebrospinal fluid.

Video: Injeq IQ-Tip system for neonatal lumbar puncture

Video: IQ-Tip® system animation

Publication: Real-time detection of cerebrospinal fluid with bioimpedance needle in pediatric lumbar puncture

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