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Video demonstrates how real-time spinal fluid identification supports performing safe lumbar punctures using Injeq products.

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Helping You Do No Harm

Lumbar puncture

Injeq IQ-Tip® system for pediatric lumbar punctures

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common cancer type diagnosed in children. During the treatment up-to 20 lumbar punctures may be performed on each child according to new European ALLTogether treatment protocol.

During the puncture, the needle tip must be precisely inserted into the spinal canal – neither too deep nor too superficial. At the same time, one should avoid all unnecessary needle movements around nerve roots and blood vessels. It is essential to minimize the risk of bleeding which can allow cancer cells entering the spinal canal and contaminating central nervous system (CNS). With a precise lumbar puncture, the risk of relapse of the disease later in CNS region may be essentially reduced, and the patient can have better chances for complete recovery from ALL.

Right the first time

For performing a successful lumbar puncture, let Injeq IQ-Tip® system help you. Smart Injeq IQ-Tip® system tells you when the needle tip reaches cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the subarachnoid space and you can collect a good-quality CSF sample. Audio-visual alarm indicating the presence of CSF at the needle tip can reduce the risk of advancing the needle too far and causing lesions to the ventral wall blood vessels in the spinal canal. Injeq IQ-Tip® system can help you reduce the incidence of traumatic lumbar punctures. Knowing that the needle tip is in the right place, you can avoid repeated, inconvenient punctures. Less blood-tinged CSF sample serves to reduce unnecessary delays in diagnosis, may help to avoid unnecessary additional chemotherapy for the patient, and in the long term, it may help the patient to avoid the relapse of the disease. This can save costs now and in the future.

Let Injeq IQ-Tip ® system help you

  • to know when the needle tip reaches cerebrospinal fluid
  • to reduce the risk of causing lesions to blood vessels in the spinal canal ventral wall
  • to reduce the incidence of traumatic lumbar punctures
  • to get high-quality CSF samples



For Diagnosing Neonatal Meningitis

Working in an emergency room, the pressure for fast diagnoses is high 24 hours a day, and you routinely need to make quick decisions.

When you have a patient with suspected neonatal meningitis, it is imperative to get a quick CSF sample for diagnosis. Although lumbar puncture is basically an established and simple procedure, performing it to a neonate while under pressure can be challenging. Yet, the puncture must be performed for the sake of the little patient because undiagnosed meningitis is always a life-threatening condition.

In a recent study of Flett et al[1]., only 48% of lumbar punctures performed on neonatal babies were successful. Traumatic lumbar punctures occurred very frequently, in 47% of these neonatal cases (condition is defined as >500 erythrocytes/µL). Besides pain, failed punctures cause delays in diagnosis because of poor-quality samples, and additional expenses as the patient may have to stay longer in intensive care.

To perform optimally while making a lumbar puncture, let Injeq IQ-Tip® system help you. Smart Injeq IQ-Tip® system tells you when the needle tip reaches CSF in the subarachnoid space.

[1] Flett et al. Spinal needle size and traumatic neonatal lumbar puncture: an observational study (neo-LP). European Journal of Pediatrics (2020) 179:939–945.



Lumbar Punctures

Treatment for ALL-type leukemia requires several lumbar punctures, usually around 20 per patient. Performing every single one of them successfully is important.



When performing a lumbar puncture, approaching the spinal canal carefully is paramount. Injeq IQ-Tip® spinal needle measures 200 times per second whether the tip is in contact with spinal fluid.



A delayed diagnosis puts the patient at risk, and is likely to increase the overall costs. Keeping a child at intensive care may cost potentially €2700 a day. Increased confidence to perform the required procedure immediately will improve the patient care.

Better Treatment with Pioneering Technology

Injeq needle

Injeq IQ-Tip® system

Injeq IQ-Tip® system is based on more than ten years of innovation, research, and field studies.

Pioneering detection technology provides real-time information from the tissue where the needle tip is. This information helps to avoid traumatic lumbar punctures and reduce the risk of blood tinged spinal fluid samples. Bleeding into the spinal canal during a lumbar puncture may worsen the prognosis of a leukemia patient as the cancer cells from blood may enter the central nervous system. Injeq’s aim is to avoid these traumatic punctures. Using Injeq IQ-Tip® system gives confidence in critical punctures and may also enable performing more punctures without general anesthesia.

Know Exactly Where the Tip Is

Injeq IQ-Tip® spinal needle facilitates your work by alerting the physician with an audio alarm when the spinal fluid has been reached. You know exactly where the tip of the smart needle is, and when it has reached the spinal canal. Whether you are a seasoned medical professional or a recent medical school graduate, Injeq IQ-Tip® spinal needle enables you with more accuracy and confidence in performing a lumbar puncture.

With Injeq IQ-Tip® it is possible to get the puncture right the first time, every time.

Injeq needle screen

Because Every Procedure Matters

Right the first time.

Avoid unnecessary needle movements in spinal area.

Smoother puncture to minimize inconvenience to the patient.

Enabling technology for further applications.

Behind The Smart and Caring Needle

patient child

Injeq Ltd.

Injeq was founded when a group of experts in the fields of technology and medicine identified a solution for a well-known medical need – to make lumbar punctures safer and more precise. The vision of a smart needle was further developed to a fully-formed idea, and from there to clinical research at neonatal intensive care units.

Now Injeq has a clinically proven product soon ready for the market, based on unique, tried and tested technology. Injeq IQ-Tip® spinal needle is the leading product in its field, offering safer, faster and smoother procedures through real-time information.

Our staff consists of professionals with expertise in a wide range of fields, including medical research, signal processing, clinical research, European regulation, and various areas of production, quality assurance and corporate management.

We have an active corporate board, that includes the original developers of the innovation complemented with external experts. The board members support the operational organization and participate actively in company development.

The main benefits of our smart needle – Precision, Care and Confidence – are present in everything we do and what we want to offer our clients.

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