Injeq activity

Injeq is actively participating in international and national medtech events and congresses with medical professionals.


We are excited to join the biggest German neurology event Neurowoche 2022

We are excited to join the biggest annual German neurology event Neurowoche 2022 with our distributor Ecumed. The congress takes […]

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Injeq participating Italian Neonatology congress SIN

Injeq is happy to join our Italian distributor Euromed at SIN – XXVIII Italian Neonatology Congress in beautiful Firenze. Come […]

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Injeq participating SIOP 2022 in Barcelona 28th September -1st October

Injeq is very excited to attend the SIOP Congress to present our amazing IQ-Tip system to doctors, patients and their […]

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Injeq is participating in Congress of Joint European Neonatal Societies #jENS

Injeq is participating in Congress of Joint European Neonatal Societies #jENS. Our Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Harri Sievanen is presenting (poster 132). […]

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Injeq’s distributor network is expanding outside Europe

Injeq Plc is proud to introduce Mareen Group, the new distributor of Injeq in the Kuwaiti market. Mareen group, founded […]
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Injeq introduced to health tech in Hong Kong

Injeq visited Hong Kong as part of the Finnish HealthTech delegation. There were many interesting introductions of business opportunities in […]
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Injeq enters the Czech and Slovakian market

Injeq  and S. A. B. Impex, s.r.o.  have signed a distribution agreement covering the Czech Republic and Slovakia. S.A.B. Medical […]
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Injeq participates the Congress of EPNS

          The 15th EPNS Congress will take place at the Prague Conference Centre, Prague, Czech Republic […]
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Press releases

Medical technology growth company Injeq Oy is planning an IPO and listing on the First North marketplace

Injeq Oy Press release 21 February 2022 at 8.30 am NOT TO BE PUBLISHED OR DISSEMINATED, WHOLLY OR PARTIALLY, DIRECTLY […]
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Smart needle company Injeq enters Nordic market

FREE FOR PUBLICATION 3.2.2022 The Finnish smart needle company Injeq Oy has signed a distributor contract with the Swedish company […]
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Älyneulayritys Injeq Saksan markkinoille – Injeq solmi jakelijasopimuksen Ecumed GmbH:n kanssa

Vapaa julkaistavaksi 17.01.2022 Suomalainen älyneulayritys Injeq Oy on solminut merkittävän jakelijasopimuksen saksalaisen Ecumed GmbH:n kanssa. Sopimuksen myötä Injeq pääsee EU:n […]
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Smart needle company Injeq enters German market – Injeq signed a distributor contract with Ecumed GmbH

FREE FOR PUBLICATION 17.01.2022 The Finnish smart needle company Injeq Oy has signed a significant distributor contract with the German […]
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Injeqin IQ-Tip®-älyneulalle myönnetty CE-sertifiointi – suomalaisinnovaatio on valmis myyntiin Euroopan markkinoille

Lääketieteellisen teknologiayhtiö Injeqin monivuotinen kehitystyö toi toivotun tuloksen, kun yhtiön IQ-Tip®-älyneula sai CE-sertifioinnin 21.12.2021. IQ-Tip®-älyneula soveltuu lumbaalipunktioihin vastasyntyneistä ikääntyneisiin, yhtenä keskeisimpänä […]
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Injeq’s IQ-Tip® needle receives CE certification – the Finnish innovation is ready for sales to the European market

The medical technology company Injeq’s development yielded the desired outcome after many years of efforts as the company’s IQ-Tip® needle […]
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The expertise shows in rapidly executed clinical investigation

With the invaluable collaboration with the physicians and nurses in our partner university hospitals, Injeq’s recent clinical investigation was successfully […]
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Maailman ensimmäinen älyneula on yli viidentoista vuoden tutkimus- ja kehitystyön tulos

Mitä jos lääkärillä olisi käytössään neula, joka tunnistaisi itse täsmälleen oikean pistokohdan? Tästä visiosta alkoi Injeqin uraauurtava kehitystyö, jonka lopputuloksena […]
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The world’s first smart needle is the result of more than 15 years of R&D

Imagine if doctors had a needle that could precisely identify when the tip reaches the right spot? That is the […]
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Injeq tekee sokeista pistoista historiaa

Tarinamme alkaa visiolla neulasta, joka avustaa lääkäriä kertomalla itse oikean pistokohdan. Tietyissä tilanteissa lääkäri joutuu tekemään potilaalle niin kutsutun sokean […]
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