Injeq Oy (Ltd.)

Biokatu 8
FI-33520 Tampere

Please note the new address in Finn-Medi 2, at the campus area of Tampere university hospital.

Open positions

  • Production specialist applications were due by March 4, 2020 and we are currently interviewing selected candidates.
  • Product Management position will be opened soon. If you are interested, please contact us through
  • Follow Injeq at @IQ_Needle


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Operative Team

All email addresses are in the format
Petri Ahonen Petri Ahonen Chief Manufacturing Officer
Timo Elomaa Timo Elomaa Chief Operating Officer
Sanna Halonen Sanna Halonen Research, development, clinical studies
Juho Kari Juho Kari Research, development, clinical studies
Seppo Lautamäki Seppo Lautamäki VP Sales
JussiSeitsonen 170x200 Jussi Seitsonen Chief Quality Officer
Eeva S Eeva Selanpää Production specialist
HarriSievanen 170x200 Harri Sievänen Chief Scientific Officer
Katja 170x200 Katja Sillanpää Production engineer
manuela Manuela Villarreal Production specialist
Ilari Antila2 Ilari Antila CEO

Injeq Board

Tommi Rasila Tommi Rasila Chairman (Dr. Tech.)
Katja Paassilta Katja Paassilta (DDS, MSc Eng )
Riitta Seppänen Kaijansinkko Riitta Seppänen-Kaijansinkko (MD, DDS, PhD, Prof)
Jan Lindgren Jan Lindgren (MD, PhD)
Jari Hyttinen Jari Hyttinen (Prof Biomedical Engineering)
Tommi Majaus Tommi Majaus (MSc Eng, Managing Director Atrotech Oy)
kari Kari Jääskeläinen (EMBA, BBA)


Leena Lindgren Leena Lindgren (Prof em Anaesthesia)
Petri Pommelin Petri Pommelin Senior Advisor, Regulatory Affairs