Tissue-Identifying Instruments

Real-Time tissue identification augments medical procedures such as needle guidance by tissue analysis from the tip of the instrument.

Injeq IQ needle

INJEQ IQ-Tip Spinal Needle

INJEQ IQ-Tip Spinal Needle is a hypodermic needle with a stylet that enables the functionality as an electrode as well. INJEQ IQ-Tip Spinal Needle is available in different sizes and it can be applied in variety of punctures.

INJEQ IQ-Tip Spinal Needle is available in sizes

  • 22G length 40mm (1.5")
  • 22G length 65mm (2.5")
  • 22G length 90mm (3.5")
  • 27G length 90mm (3.5")

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Injeq IQ Core Needle

INJEQ IQ-Biopsy Needle

Injeq IQ-Biopsy Needle is a single use core biopsy needle designed for use with Injeq IQ-Biopsy Instrument and BZ-300 series analyzer. The IQ-Biopsy System enables physician to receive a notification about tumors at the tip of the needle before taking the biopsy.

The tumor identification complements ultrasound guidance and it helps physician in obtaining the best quality tissue sample. Tumor identification may also provide an early sign about the tumor type which will be later confirmed by pathological analysis. Improved success rates on tissue samples contribute to both hospital economics and quality of life for patients.

Injeq IQ-Biopsy Needle has been in clinical research since May, 2016.

Injeq BZ-301 analyzer

INJEQ 301 Analyzer

INJEQ 301 impedance analyzer is a real-time tissue identification device intended for lumbar puncture together with INJEQ IQ-Tip Spinal Needle. The device has been designed for hospital use and it withstands typical cleaning and disinfection practices.

INJEQ 301 is easy to use. The OLED display and large text allows observing the output from distance easily. An accompanying audio alert is typically also used to indicate target has been reached.

INJEQ 301 is a great research device. It can be configured to log operations in clinical research which allows rich post operation off-line analysis.

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Injeq Products are currently available for selected research projects only. For more information please contact us.